Improvements to US-82 / McFarland Boulevard 

On October 20, 2016, the Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT) released the preliminary maps below to show planned access management projects along US-82/McFarland Boulevard. The intent of these projects is to reduce congestion and improve traffic flow along SR-6 (US-82/McFarland Boulevard). ALDOT has chosen to employ available technologies that address congestion and traffic flow, which require minimal right of-way and allow the current highway to operate more efficiently. The access management improvements along SR-6 (US-82/McFarland Blvd) will be completed in four (4) separate projects:

  • Rose Blvd to SR-69: access management and pedestrian facilities 
  • SR-69 to Rice Mine Rd: additional lanes, access management, and pedestrian facilities 
  • Rice Mine Rd to University Blvd: additional lanes, bridge improvements, and pedestrian facilities 
  • East of Hargrove Rd to Jug Factory Rd: access management and pedestrian facilities. 

While each of the projects will have varied construction dates, ALDOT anticipates that all of the construction shown below will be completed in 2024 if funding is received as planned. This construction is possible because of a funding partnership between ALDOT and the Tuscaloosa County Road Improvement Commission (TCRIC) to accelerate the completion of priority projects identified for the TCRIC.

Click on the individual maps below to see greater detail.